Fondita Healthcare is launched!


Our eighth fund Fondita Healthcare is launched! The fund invests in companies whose activities promote health and wellbeing. The fund’s portfolio managers are Tom Lehto and Markus Larsson.

Short description

Fondita Healthcare invests in companies whose activities promote health and wellbeing. The objective of the fund’s investment activities is to attain best increase in value possible in the long run through diversifying the assets in compliance with the law concerning investment funds and with the rules of the fund. The fund invests globally but the main focus will be in European and American companies. The fund has no market cap limit and will consist of 25-30 companies. The fund is managed according to Fondita’s proven investment philosophy based on stock picking. We put great effort into finding companies with a proven business model, that are profitable, have strong cash flow and a healthy balance sheet.

Why invest in Healthcare?

The Healthcare sector has many driving forces that benefit the fund’s development in the long term. For example, aging population, increased welfare, technological development and low price elasticity. These forces guarantee an increased demand for products such as medicines and medical aids which benefit the companies’ results regardless of the economic cycle. 

Who can invest?

The fund is aimed at all types of investors with a longer investment horizon, both institutional and private investors. The companies’ nature is considered to be more defensive than average, which indicates a lower volatility in the fund. The healthcare sector is now growing faster than the world economy, which benefits the fund’s value increase over time.

An interesting company

“One favourite is the Danish company Coloplast. The company’s products are market leaders and Coloplast recently launched a new catheter that is much easier to use than the older models. This makes life easier for a large number of people and will result in increased market shares. The company’s largest product segment, colostomy bags have fast increasing numbers of users due to cancer. For people who use this it is important that the bags are not visible and that they are easy to use and also safe from leakage. The company’s products meet all of these criteria which leads to increased sales.” – Portfolio manager Tom Lehto says

How is ESG taken into consideration?

In all investment decisions, the companies environmental and social impacts as well as governance aspects are taken into account.

Fondita Healthcare was launched 14.6.2018 on the Finnish market. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information. The contact information, KIID and subscription instructions are found on our website.


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